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Find out why thousands of beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes are improving their training and racing with accessible, functional and genuine conversation about triathlon. An Age Group triathlete and his coach, who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves, look for smart and enjoyable solutions in a sport that's often dumb and painful. Mike Tarrolly and Robbie Bruce explore the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual side of training and racing everything from Ironman to a Sprint. on Monday and Thursday.
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Jan 30, 2017

There are lots of tools to train by, but the most important feedback comes from your own body. Today's cast gets into:

- Finding a rhythm while swimming
- Running by feel to get faster
- How to find the right passion
- Being Consistently Recovered
- The best ways for long-term progression
- Why Lionel Sanders will skip Kona and why it's important
- Why taking a year off Ironman will make you better
- Bucket-listers
- Leadville 100 Update 

- Training By Feel
- Steven Pressfield - Do The Work

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Jan 26, 2017

Today we hit on a ton of topics for the beginner and intermediate triathlete with our new "Ask The Coach" segment. These are questions (or versions of) we see all over the internet. This is one of our favorite podcasts to date. Enjoy! 

  •  What is a threshold test for the bike and how does it work…why should someone do this?  Explain power meter??
  • I’m having a tough time getting back into swimming… other than prescribed workouts, what do you suggest to get back into the groove?
  • A lot of people have a hard time training for hills because of where they live….what would you recommend for both the bike and/or run?
  • How do you deal with the mental aspects on the bike and run?  Do you prepare your thought process beforehand?  
  • Regarding apparel…. what do you look for when you’re buying a new kit?
  • What about supplements… do you take them?  Why do you take the ones you do?
  • Let’s talk about dry land training for swimming….  
  • Would you compare your first Sprint to losing your virginity?
  • FB question:  Since headphones are not allowed during the race itself, I'm assuming that training without headphones would be wise. Opinions?
  • FB question: I have been training six days a week, but I want to make sure I'm training right. What training plan does everyone recommend? Even though I'm a 140.6 first timer I don't want to train as a beginner. I am ready and willing to put the time and work in, but want to make the most of my time.

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Jan 23, 2017

They say Nutrition is the 4th Discipline of triathlon, so we brought on Registered Dietician, Lizzy Miller to fill us in. There are tons of philosophies on the right ways to fuel -in and out- of the race and we're opening the dialogue.  We also discuss a body image.  More on today's podcast:

- How to get started on the right diet without blowback from your body
- How to teach your body to use fat for energy
- The easiest way to balance your diet
- How much should your meals vary?
- Anorexia and Bulimia 
- Ketosis
- In race nutrition

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Jan 21, 2017

Triathlon has changed many people's lives, including ours. Many of us can't talk about it enough and one of the tricky parts is figuring out when and how to find connection with others who understand your journey. Today we go dive into things like why, after trekking 138 miles in an Ironman and every bone in our body hurts, we can be sad the day is almost over. We also talk about training APPS like Strava and how they can make you feel like you're in a continual race.  Is that good or bad? How can we tell if triathlon is helping us grow or creating bad habits? And, of course, the quest for the ultimate high.  

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Jan 19, 2017

We've committed to releasing a podcast every Monday and Thursday, but today's podcast is delayed because of a computer issue. We hope to post it later this afternoon or tonight, so keep checking back.  Thanks for all your comments on iTunes and feedback through email at  

Jan 16, 2017

Due to a huge reaction to Part 1 of How To Not Suck At Swimming, we're back with a companion piece.  Coach Robbie lives and breathes open water swimming and he's back with another round of great insight to becoming faster, stronger, and more efficient in open water.  Topics covered today are:

- Proper breathing - How and When
- Body Positioning and how to get it right
- Hand entry and exit - How and When
- How to deprogram from bad advice, including workouts that get you there
- How to structure a swim week of workouts 
- Should you join a Master's Team?
- Swimming square and why you swim crooked

Coach Robbie also has a big announcement and we'll tell you which country is second in Crushing Iron listenership.  

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Jan 12, 2017

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Jumping into triathlon can be daunting. You have to decide which race, what do I need to buy, and most importantly, WHY you want to do triathlon.  This is for beginners and intermediate, but there are tons of little nuggets for all skill levels including how you can plan for long-term racing success and make triathlon a better sport along the way.   

Today's Topics:
- things to consider before signing up for your first race (location, brand, race management, time of year)
- what made you want to do a "triathlon" in the first place - finding your "why"
- items you HAVE to have, would be nice to have , and items that are just  because you WANT to have them
- how to set up a plan for success
- how to know if you are ready to go to the next distance 

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Jan 9, 2017

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Today, Coach Robbie grills Mike about what it was like to go from the couch to Ironman as a 50-year-old.  The whole process started with a 5K and ended at Ironman Wisconsin 18 months later.  They discuss the physical and mental components of changing a lifestyle in such a dramatic fashion and what was learned along the way.  Some of the topics are:

- What convinced Mike he could tackle and Ironman
- The importance of recovery as you get older
- Turning points in Mike's belief system
- How Mike went from a 42 minute Olympic swim to a 1:20 Ironman at Wisconsin
- How to virtually guarantee a solid Ironman run
- Mike's longest run ever was 14 miles
- How Coach Robbie kept him focused over a long 9-month-plan
- Overcoming mental and emotional burnout
- The mind game Mike played with himself to assure a sub-12 Ironman

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Jan 5, 2017

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Triathlon has so many products it can make your head spin.  But which are frauds and which are for real? Today we have in-depth and honest discussion on a lot triathlete's favorite gear, habits, and nutrition, including:

• Compression Socks
• Chocolate Milk
• Ice Baths
• Stretching
• Altitude Training
• Coca Cola
• Pull Buoys
• Massages
• Training Masks
• Windbreakers

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Chocolate Milk
Ice Baths
Compression Socks

Jan 2, 2017

Mike and Robbie track their 24 hours before bed until the Ironman finish line.  These tactics apply to non-Ironman distance as well.  If you've done (or never done) there's a lot of food for thought in this episode which discusses the following:

• Night before Race Meals
• Sleep strategies
• Wake up calls
• Morning of race meals
• Last hour before the swim thoughts/nutrition
• Tactics for the Swim
• Nutrition for first 10 miles of bike
• Gastro challenges
• The biggest mistake people make on the bike
• Prepping for run while on the bike
• Nutrition/Hydration strategies for the run
• Post-race fuel
• A great way to clean your top, shorts, and shoes 

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