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Find out why thousands of beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes are improving their training and racing with accessible, functional and genuine conversation about triathlon. An Age Group triathlete and his coach, who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves, look for smart and enjoyable solutions in a sport that's often dumb and painful. Mike Tarrolly and Robbie Bruce explore the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual side of training and racing everything from Ironman to a Sprint. on Monday and Thursday.
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Apr 27, 2017

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We all think we have race week planned perfectly until it shows up. Today we walk through how much you should swim, bike, run and when. We also talk about nutrition, including when and how much water and electrolytes you should be consuming race week. There's also great information on how to accurately predict your race time, along with some more DON'T DOs regarding Open Water Swim Training. 

- Race week Volume for Swim, Bike, and Run
- The keys of a good taper week
- Electrolyte and water consumption
- What to do the day before the race
- Why swimming on race week is so important
- Why cycling and swimming during race week are different than running
- What percentages you should use to predict your race time
- A surefire and easy way to detect whether you're training too hard for your shape
- How to get a good feel for the water

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Apr 24, 2017

One day three kids from Knoxville (including the winner of Ironman Florida) decided they wanted to start a 10K swim race. These kinds of things don't just happen and today they joined the podcast to tell us all about the race and why it's different than any other stand alone swim race in the US. Also, Jack McAfee, Winner of Ironman Florida tells us what it's like to have an Ironman fall apart, then win one only 5 weeks later. 

- Starting a New Race From Scratch
- Pitfalls, Joys, Permits, etc.
- Overcoming Bike Troubles And Running Mad
- What it's like to WIN Ironman Florida
- What it's like to trip over the tape when you WIN Ironman Florida
- Swim The Suck 
- Crossing Hells Mouth (Open Water Swim Documentary)
- Swim prep for open water
- Olympic 10K Swim Recap

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Apr 20, 2017

Seems like it can go from cold to scorching hot in a couple of weeks these days and that can reek havoc on your training. It takes time to acclimate to heat and not taking it into account is a big mistake. It's that seasonal transition and now's the time to talk about it. We also get into racing in the heat.  

- Quickly acclimating yourself to the heat
- Heart rate and what changes
- Why people bonk in Boston
- Why running with the wind can be dangerous
- Why you need to fuel more in hot weather
- How to adapt quickly
- Strategies for racing in heat
- Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga

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Apr 17, 2017

This is a great podcast on how to break down your races and use them in the right ways to become faster and a better triathlete. We share when it's good to take risks in races. What is the biggest mistake you can make in a race and how to avoid it. Robbie unveils his "3 R's" strategy for attacking your race season. We also tell you when is a good time to race without looking at your data on the course. 

- Getting your mind in race form
- How to handle your A, B, and C races
- Applying Coach Robbie’s “Three R’s” to your season
- How Reality Checks improve your performance
- Taking what you learn from one race to the next
- When and how to be more risky in your races
- Don’t build in excuses
- A race is a race, not a workout
- One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a race
- When to race with no data. Can you do it??
- Why you shouldn’t ride a race course too often
- How a Crushing Iron listener cut 20 seconds off her hundred yard swim time
- Upcoming Race Calendar Insight and races to follow 
- Season Pass for live ITU Triathlon
- A hot Ironman 70.3 to keep an eye on

Here's the link to watch ITU races all season. 

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Apr 13, 2017

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Matt Fitzgerald has written nearly 30 books about fitness and nutrition for endurance athletes. He's currently in the middle of running 8 marathons in 8 weeks to fuel his new book "Life is a Marathon." He's the author of "The Endurance Diet," "Iron War," "80/20 Running," "Racing Weight" and one of our favorites, "50/50" about Dean Karnazes' amazing feat of 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. He talks about all of that and so much more, including:

  • How does Matt feel about paleo, low-carb, vegan diets, bullet proof coffee?
  • What diet you SHOULD follow for the best success
  • Why he’s in the middle of 8 marathons in 8 weeks
  • Boston Marathon
  • What drives him as a nutrition and endurance writer
  • The way to successful Recovery
  • What it’s like working with Dean Karnazes and the Iron Cowboy
  • Is there pressure being a “nutritional expert?”
  • What part does the mind play on new diets?
  • The safest and most effective way for endurance athletes to eat
  • How important are foam rollers and ice baths?
  • Exploring his upcoming book “Life is a Marathon” and why it’s so important to him.
  • Why he used to think of himself as a coward
  • How Bi-Polar disorder has touched his life in a major way
  • Running and Depression
  • Running to connect with others if you’re an introvert
  • The Charles Bukowski connection
  • How he got his start as a comedic poet

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His Website is

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Apr 10, 2017

Ross Kaffenberger lives in Northern Virginia, enters the ever competitive 40-44 age group this year and is doing Ironman Wisconsin. But the "why" behind his next big race is the real story. 

We all have challenges, but we don't know many people who have gone through anything like this. He opens up about how triathlon may have saved his sanity and kept him from falling into depression. 

Ross is an incredibly mindful person and shares a ton of insight on how he's kept moving forward after his life was flipped upside down. He has some great posts on his blog, Out and Back, which you can find here. Follow Ross on Twitter @rossta

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Apr 6, 2017

It's been said that talent is 20% of the equation in life. What about the rest? How are you handling the rest of the 80% that makes the difference in triathlon, or life? Today, Mike and Robbie look at successful strategies and habits they've used in training and racing. 

- Visualizing success
- The secret to not stopping 
- The dream is dependent on the dreamer
- Projecting positive energy
- How to believe you can do something
- The power of preparing to fail
- Changing your perspective on monotony
- How to not lose sight of opportunity
- Finding and using race energy correctly
- Absorbing the moment as it comes 
- Fighting resistance that doesn't need to be there

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Apr 3, 2017

This topic is right in Coach Robbie's wheelhouse and Mike is a great Guinea Pig due to his long history of open water swim anxiety. This podcast is loaded with gems on how to be a better open water swimmer. Included:

• Pre-race rituals including a great way to prep for cold water
• Getting mentally stronger
• Wet suit chest pressures
• Controlling your heart rate
• Dealing with contact
• The importance of warm ups
• How to not worry about what’s under the water
• Training for congestion
• Why stroke turnover is king
• Positioning for a floating start
• How to train harder than the race
• How to use a sandy beach to make you stronger

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