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Find out why thousands of beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes are improving their training and racing with accessible, functional and genuine conversation about triathlon. An Age Group triathlete and his coach, who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves,look for smart and enjoyable solutions in a sport that's often dumb and painful. Mike Tarrolly and Robbie Bruce explore the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual side of training and racing everything from Ironman to a Sprint. on Monday and Thursday.
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Nov 30, 2016

The key to most things in life is learning from your mistakes and resolving them so they don't create anxiety in the future.  This is absolutely true in triathlon.  Did you have a bad swimming experience, but not address it?  Afraid of flat tires because you haven't learned to change them fast?  Afraid you might not finish your first Ironman?  Mike and Coach Robbie discuss how embracing mistakes builds confidence in yourself and your race.  

Nov 27, 2016

Is your coach listening to your needs?

In this episode, Mike and Coach Robbie talk about his Coaching Philosophy, including why it's important for a coach to really know their athlete and how motivation, creativity, and listening are huge elements for helping you reach your goals.  

They look at general theory, plus each of the individual sports: swim, bike, run.  

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Nov 22, 2016

How do you prepare for race pain?  

Topics include:

Preparing for the pain of an Ironman Run

A mentally daunting run workout

"Relaxing Away" the pain

De-hydration and inflammation 

Simulating the pain in workouts

Using oxygen in a more efficient way

Is it pain, or discomfort?

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Nov 22, 2016

The IRONMAN Wisconsin Course, from mass start, to hilly bike, to the crazy crowd support on the run.  Both Mike and Robbie raced Wisconsin this year and they talk about why it's one of their favorite races along with:

- The unparalleled crowd support
- How to handle the Mass Swim Start
- Little talked about challenges of the IMWI Swim
- Strategies for handling the Bike
- What people underestimate on the Bike Course
- The Best and Worst of the Run Course
- Why the IMWI Finish may be the best

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Nov 14, 2016

Today's Crushing Iron Podcast dives into:

01:00 - Off-Season training MYTH #1 (running)
06:14 - Off-Season training MYTH #2 (swimming)
13:35 - How to not "over-think" swimming
14:12 - Off-season training MYTH #3 (cycling)
19:35 - PR your race not your workouts
23:53 - Post IRONMAN Blues
31:56 - Doing Multiple Ironman Races in One Year
39:00 - Why Qualifying for Ironman 70.3 Worlds Will Be Tougher Than Ever

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Nov 14, 2016

Crushing Iron Podcast #2 covers:

03:17 - The Smart Way to plan your 2017 Race Calendar
08:20 - Keeping Off Season Training Fun but Focused
13:22 - Overall Body Balance in Workouts 
15:50 - Do you want a training plan or a Coach?
19:45 - "Speeding Up" versus "Slowing Down The Least"
24:00 - Building Power to Lose Power
26:22 - Mental and Physical Hurdles of an IRONMAN Marathon
34:24 - How to Ruin Your Race
35:39 - Self Calibrating your internal Power and Pace meters

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Nov 14, 2016

This is the first Crushing Iron podcast with Mike and Coach Robbie.  Our focus is on age group athletes that want to get better, along with get more out of the sport, including peace of mind and enjoyment.  

Today's Podcast covers:

00:00 - Setting 2017 Goals (The reality of qualifying for KONA)
07:27 - IRONMAN as a bucket list versus a path to growth
16:30 - Setting realistic goals based on race-day conditions
18:55 - New IRONMAN races and how that impacts us
24:21 - Breaking through barriers in off-season
26:25 - Why the swim is more important than most people think
38:21 - IRONMAN's shortened races dilemma

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